•    Anhui Globe Import&Export Co., Ltd., with the registered capital of 5.16 million RMB, is subordinate to ANHUI LEIRUI Group. We have a staff of more than one thousand and our products cover Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces. Our industries involve in Anhui, Beijing and Shanghai and 13 business, including real estate, property management, investment company, catering, hotel, home textile, light industry material, food, media, trade, electric, anime, foreign trade and so on. Our company is based in Anhui and the headquarters is located in Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Area. The foreign department of the first stage is located in central business district of Fuyang, nearby Wanda Plaza and the second one is in FUAN office building which is in the South 2nd Ring Road. We are devoted to integrating advantages of industry in Anhui and talents of foreign trade in North Anhui, using the new talents training mode PDCA, 4D supplier management system, processed mode of flow path of customer service, and the strong management system of the modern import and export enterprises. Through the growth and the centripetal force of the staff, supplier belonging, customers' satisfaction, the trust of the government and other aspects to increase operating strength, we will make a new start of foreign trade in Anhui. In more than ten years of operation and development of our Group and nearly 10 years of foreign trade practices, we have accumulated rich experience from many explorations and practices. We have made international marketing, independent brand building, international business service, import and export business operating and other fields, and we have developed a professional foreign trade team with theory, experience, operating skill and innovation. Our Group Company splits the third business department of Shanghai Foreign Trade Company. We establish Anhui Globe Import & Export Co., Ltd. in 2014 to deal with complex and changeable international market with a new look and management way. Facing the situation that a large number of foreign trade talents outflow, the company takes the three-step growth method and high starting basic salary, integrated commission, diversification benefit, optional professional training direction and a series of measures, to make efforts to build a native west point of foreign trade in Anhui. Let new employees have improvement, the senior staff have power, employees have income, talents have direction and strong feeling of belonging to the enterprise personnel management. The seven values: Honest, Dedication, Passion, Respect the change, Serve, Share &Learn& Improve Happy work serious life